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The football academy

Pride & Passion Meet Success

For us, football is the people’s game - beyond age, nationality, beliefs, or any cultural background. Our goal is to inspire the youngest amongst us playing the game that has the power to bring the world to a hold..

At TFA there is no such thing as “too early” when it comes to soccer. This is why we have developed a holistic approach around all ages with the commitment to providing the highest quality of football education to children from their toddler years to adolescence, going even further in our efforts to supporting young postgrads in their dream to carry on playing soccer while pursuing college studies with our unique “PATHWAY” program. Find out more

Advanced Football Training

The Football Academy's journey started back in 2016 (maybe even before), when a single team of young and ambitious players led by a coach with big ideas and a true passion became the foundation of an Academy of exception.

The journey of our organisation has been unique and unlike many other organisations out there it has never followed a pattern defined by business plans. It has rather developed organically with the help of our "football family" - a community of people who have one passion in common - football.

TFA has grown to become a strong academy with unique vision, values and culture built by and for the players; where boys and girls from different age, origin and abilities can belong and become.

The Football Academy Coaches

Ali El Jishi

Head Coach
Palestinian - British

Coach Fouad Hafid

Head of TFA Seniors
French - Morrocan

Coach Osama Shahin

Senior Coach

Ricardo Panton

Senior Coach

Samir Al Husseini

Senior Coach

Alberto Gutiérrez Nieto


Danny Guthrie


Rashid Alimuradov


Lara Sabbah



Our mission is to develop soccer skills, as well as maintain an environment that embodies the core values of integrity, leadership, perseverance, respect, and teamwork while enhancing self-esteem, promoting self-confidence and cultivating a life long passion for the beautiful game of soccer.

The Football Academy was formed to provide the opportunities for youth elite soccer players to train and compete in Dubai and internationally.

While our teams strive to compete at the highest levels of competition, TFA is fully committed to player development.

We believe that a commitment to player development establishes a solid technical and mental foundation for which to continue building upon at TFA and beyond.

We intend to accomplish the mission with the experienced coaching staff that represents the most effective and comprehensive club soccer program in Dubai.