Behind every Successful Player is? – Ali’s Words

What does it take for a player to become a champion? Is the credit due to the coach, trainer, or parents? I can say with certainty that there are so many players whose natural talent does not get noticed due to a lack of support from parents.

For some it is a financial constraint, some lack the know-how, and some don’t see the scope. Still, a player, especially a student-athlete, can’t reach their peak potential without parental support. I applaud the dedication parents show when they juggle their homes, work, and kids’ school and never miss a game. As a coach, I see the exhausted parents who clap and cheer these kids, investing their time and efforts in their child’s confidence, and I THANK them.

While school, the academy, and coaches can elevate the game, it is a parent that ensures drop-offs, schedules multiple activities, monitors nutrition, and some even learn the game themselves. I have seen many athletes walk on TFA’s pathways, and there are always dedicated parents walking with them.

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