Betis Academy on Tour – the accelerated opportunity with TFA

Showcasing the talents to the world, thousands of players will participate in this competition that aims to help talented athletes realize their maximum potential.

The Football Academy (TFA) has joined forces with top local clubs in Iceland, Norway, Columbia, Egypt, and UAE to showcase the best football talent from all over the world through the “Betis Academy on Tour” program to give football players the chance to showcase their talent in front of scouts and coaches and stand a chance to play at the Real Betis Club’s Academy. The partnership with Real Betis  Academy and elite youth soccer clubs across five continents will provide top players from the Under-18 age groups an accelerated expressway to the professional level.

‘Every coach hopes to see players achieve their potential by elevating their talent and motivating them, but the absence of a path means that a lot of talented athletes drop out of the game. With ‘Betis on Tour’ we hope to pave the journey of the best soccer players so that they can follow their dreams of playing the game at a professional level. Our goals are to simply identify top talent, provide them with the best guidance and 1-on-1 training, and then give them a genuine chance at a professional opportunity – Ali El Jishi, Head Coach at TFA.”

TFA has showcased the best football talent from all over the world through the “Pathway2Play” program and now they are the official partners to Betis Academy on Tour.


‘Becoming a coach made me a better person, it’s not an occupation – it’s a passion that drives every decision I make,’ says Ali El Jishi. Better known as Coach Ali, the 50-years-old played semi-pro since the age of 16 and credits football for teaching him discipline, camaraderie, and the basics of fitness. As the founder of The Football Academy, Dubai he brings the best practices of football to UAE and provides boys & girls the platform to train and compete with the best.

With a reputation for developing young men into elite soccer players, Coach Ali El Jishi started the Pathway2Play to create a route for players to get the exposure of professional academies and secure their Professional careers in Soccer. The ‘Betis Academy on Tour’ is an elevated opportunity that will create a huge opportunity for footballers to engage themselves with the game in front of scouts and coaches and a lucky few reach the professional level that most only dream of.

This won’t be the first time that TFA helps players establish lifelong relationships with the game, in 2017 TFA established the Pathway2Play program where selected athletes were selected by scouts and offered scholarships for university admission to Canada, USA, and the UK.

The ‘Betis Academy on Tour’ program will work with top coaches on their journey to the professional ranks. They will get the opportunity to play with the best players in the area in order to compete at the highest levels of youth soccer. The program will also serve as an opportunity for players to compete and achieve their dreams.

Designed to give exceptional players the opportunity to be seen and scouted during training and matches by multiple soccer clubs and scouts and a lucky few might secure a seat at the Real Betis Academy in Spain.

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