Betis Academy on Tour

A dear friend often tells a story about a devoted man who prayed to win the lottery every day. For weeks, months, years, and all his life – he prayed that he would win the lottery. On his death bed, GOD appeared to say three words, ‘Buy the ticket.’

It’s funny because it’s true – there are thousands of athletes who are just as dedicated to their training and dream of becoming the next Messi, but Football does not have a lucky ticket – it does, however, it does have opportunities. I consider it my responsibility and honor as a Coach to carve pathways young players walk on to reach their full potential. As the official partners of the ‘Real Betis on Tour,’ we will travel across four continents and give thousands of players the chance to showcase their skill for the opportunity of a lifetime – playing PRO.

As a seasoned professional and a devote fan, I know how difficult it can be for a kid to access the opportunity to show their skill in front of scouts and coaches from some of the best academies in the world. The tour is unique to my heart because those who buy the ticket have an answer to their prayers. The lucky winners have a chance to go to the Real Betis Academy in Spain on an all-expense-paid trip and play to win a position in the Professional Leagues.

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