TFA, 6 years of football excellence

Six years ago The Football Academy was formed with a simple aim – to provide opportunities for young soccer players to train and compete in Dubai

Would you like to experience Real Betis

Would you like to experience Real Betis?

Spanish giants Real Betis will win 6-8. June next, we are looking for talent in Iceland in collaboration with Fraser Sport Management and TFA Dubai. The

How to Become a Pro Footballer

How to Become a Pro Footballer

To become a great footballer, it is no secret that you need to have passion, discipline, and determination. But the profession also requires a great deal

Busting Myths Around Proteins and Diet

  Football is a highly competitive sport that includes high intensity running and demands a high endurance – these are impossible to achieve without careful attention

Nutrition 101 for Athletes

It is an important goal for all athletes to provide their bodies with appropriate fuels to maintain and enhance their performance. Carbohydrates and proteins are major