The Viking Cheers – Ali’s Words

While recently in Iceland for the BAOT, coaches from TFA and Real Betis decided to go and witness an Iceland vs. Albania match. A new stadium,

Rebuilding the Team – Ali’s Words

As we move ahead from the last season, we rebuild the Team for the upcoming season. Easier said than done! I’ve known these players for a

Precious Goods! – Ali’s Words

Precious goods! For many parents, football ‘classes’ are a frivolous extracurricular activity while for some(I’d like to believe most) it is a training session that they

Coaching the Coach – Ali’s Words

Coaching the coach How would you feel if you had to build something and then realized that for it to grow and thrive, you will have

Go Through the Hoops – Ali’s Words

Stepping into professional football is serious business, therefore, I was very cautious right from the beginning. For me, there are no half-measures, either you give it

Injuries & Football – Ali’s Words

Nothing hurts a player more than sitting out of a game due to an injury. While every professional coach and player takes responsibility to prevent them,

Why Dubai? | Ali’s Words

Dubai with its exceptional sporting infrastructure and tourism facilities has attracted a number of European football teams and players. We have seen the city become a

Lesson in Setbacks

The recent Liverpool vs Machester game was a real tear-jerker. Waking up to the updates I was baffled, they fell short by one point, they almost

Make every Minute Count!

What are the common factors in the successful student-athletes I have coached and guided? They were all skilled and dedicated but their commitment becomes a reality

You Win or You Learn

Loss is a big part of the game, no matter how good you are, no matter how much you practiced. As a coach and a player,

Betis Academy on Tour

A dear friend often tells a story about a devoted man who prayed to win the lottery every day. For weeks, months, years, and all his

Mind-Body Balance – Ali’s Words

Mind-body balance Football is an exhilarating sport and as a spectator, the highs and lows entertain us, as players and coaches it is crucial to maintain

Surviving Covid – Ali’s Words

Bad times come unannounced and that is what happened with Covid’s arrival. It took down the world by storm and businesses were forced to shut down.