Our players are carefully scouted and selected to join our elite group of players who aspire to play top level football in either the USA or Europe. While finding players that simply play good football is essentially what is important when being scouting, the key qualities that we look for include football skills, tactical awareness (football IQ), physique and temperament.
When scouting players, these are not the only aspects we value. The key characteristic for those hoping to join TFA is commitment. The Football Academy is only for the committed..

Our Coaches


Head Coach

ALI EL JISHI is in his third year running The Football Academy, successfully winning the Dubai Sport Council U18's League in 2017.

From the inception, TFA has shown consistent success. The team has made it to the semi-finals in the Dubai Super Cup 2016, secured a runners up spot in the Jebel Ali League 2016, were runners up in the AST Dubai International Cup and Champions of the Dubai Sport Council League in 2017.

Under Ali's guidance, TFA has slowly but surely grown into one of UAE's elite teams, starting with one team in 2016, to two teams in 2017 and 3 elite teams heading into 2018. Prior to establishing The Football Academy, Coach Ali worked with many academies in Dubai including Desert Rangers, Arsenal Soccer School & Esports.

Ali is an English FA qualified coach (level 2), currently undertaking USA national B licence .

Coach Fouad

Coach - Youth Team

Coach Fouad Fouad has been playing football from an young age as a Goalkeeper in France, competing at high level. Few injuries and his newly discovered passion for training have made him decide to start a career in coaching at the age of 15. Fouad has been coaching ever since, and has gathered over 10 years of coaching experience in France. By the age of 21 he was working with U18s and coached football to over 19s by 24. At this time of his career Fouad obtained Level B certificate by the French FA and obtained a BA degree in Sports science and a MA with speciality – “Psychological Preparation of the athlete” which combined with his practical experience gave Fouad an edge with regards to understanding and shaping the overall development of young players.

In 2014 Fouad moved to Dubai where he joined E-Sports Football Academy. He started as a Coach, swiftly evolved to becoming a Head Coach and finally Academy Manager. During this period he had the chance to coach a wide range of age groups - from 3 to 18 years and was overviewing the Goalkeeping Program at the Academy. Fouad has a good understanding of the needs of the young athletes and his main focus as a coach is to ensure every young athlete develops as a player and as a person.

While at TFA, Fouad’s mission will be to become an essential member of the coaching team and contribute with his experience and in depth understanding of the game and the player in order to help each and every young boy and girl to develop by using the best of their abilities. In the short to midterm his goal will be to work closely with the Youth team at TFA and help the younger generation of football players to evolve, build on their skill and talent so that they can confidently move to the Senior Squad when the time has come.

Coach Ahmed

Asst. Coach - Youth Team

Coach Ahmed Ahmed has been playing football from an young age starting as a striker in Egypt where he had the opportunity to play for many different clubs. At the age of 12 he joined Tanta club and later on moved to Arab Contractors where he won the "best scorer" title for Two consecutive years.

At the age of 20 he started his coaching career at the municipality of Mahalla club and worked as trainer to El Delta club where he swiftly led his team to winning first place, achievement which earned him the role of Head Coach.

Ahmed obtained his coaching certificate from the African Union in 2014, shortly followed by a Certificate of Management in football.

He will be joining TFA as Assistance Coach to the Youth Team where he will continue gaining coaching badges.