Coaching the Coach – Ali’s Words

Coaching the coach

How would you feel if you had to build something and then realized that for it to grow and thrive, you will have to hand it over to someone better than you? To me, it felt like I had achieved my goal.

While establishing TFA I was aware that to move the academy forward I had to work with coaches better than I. So that the players had people with more experience, more skill, and more passion for teaching them on a daily basis. TFA’s ‘coaching a coach’ program helped me connect and hire professionals whose passion for sports and a keen interest in guiding young payers was inspirational.

Coaching is a personal vocation, each session is an extension of a person who is sharing his/her life learning to help players do better. The courses and certifications for coaches showcase how a person’s personality merges with the idea of teaching and football and ultimately with the idea of supporting a player.

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