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The Football Academy Dubai (TFA) is an elite coaching unit for football, providing step-by-step training from beginner to professional level. It believes in inspiring players and helping them to learn, improve, grow and become their best. The most promising and appreciated feature of the academy is the personalized training given by expert coaches. Our in-house team of coaches comprises UEFA licensed trainers. What does that imply? The UEFA license is the highest certification in Europe and is earned after giving top-notch performance consistently.  Our qualified coaches have earned their certifications through sheer hard work and dedication. They are keen to pass their knowledge and train the young talents in the world of football.

What is it about our one-on-one training that makes it worth your time and resources?

  • Mentorship

If you read the history of the most successful people in the world, you will realize that there is one thing common among most of them. They all had a mentor, an ideal, who was the definition of perfection for them – the perfection they wanted to either surpass or at least match. These people were linked to their mentors either directly as a disciple or as ardent fans.

TFA’s one-to-one coaching works on the same principle. Our UEFA licensed trainers not just train the body and polish your skills, but also teach you how to put your mind and your heart into the game. Having the UEFA license is a testament to their established authority over the game, so you can trust the coaches to set high standards for you. They can give you realistic goals to achieve and milestones to reach. In doing so, they provide you with a clear path to follow towards your journey to success.

  • Bespoke Training

Teamwork is important and so are joint training sessions, but it should never be forgotten that the team is made up of individuals who are all different and may have a unique set of abilities. These abilities must be harnessed properly not just for the individual to succeed, but also for the team to behave like a single unit. This is where our bespoke sessions come into play. Our specialist coaches can not only identify the unique set of abilities the young talents have, but can also devise a plan for improving these abilities through customized training regimes, personalized nutrition, and individual guidance. Also read about what time is thursday night football start?

  • Practise Makes You Perfect

The more a person repeats a particular activity, the better he becomes at it. Our personal coaching sessions give you ample time to repeat and master a particular skill. Under the watchful eyes of a UEFA certified coach, you can polish a skill, identify flaws, and plan a remedial measure to remove it.

One of the most significant challenges athletes face in their younger years is “fear.” This can be fear of failing, the crowd, or any other fear. All these emanate from a lack of confidence which primarily is a result of weak skills. Through personalized training, our experienced coaches help you overcome these fears and ingrain the belief that comes by knowing your potential.

  • Exploring New Skills

Many times in life you are not even aware of what you are capable of doing. The discovery is either purely accidental or it is identified by an observer. Our UEFA coaches help you explore your skills whether it is tackling, dribbling, shooting, etc or a combination of all. It is their job to build the perfect skill combo that would benefit not just you during the gameplay, but also your team. Players like Messi and Ronaldo are the perfect example of combination skills working at their best. It is only possible for a professional coach to identify these skills during one-to-one training when they are keenly observing your every move. Team training sessions cannot address this effectively because there are too many people the coach has to look after.

  • Physical and Mental Training

Strength, endurance, and agility are three of the most important physical features of a successful football player. In joint sessions, the physical weakness of a player is mostly ignored, not because team sessions are not useful, but simply because the trainer has too much on his hands.

TFA’s trainers identify the physical attributes that need improvement and customize your training sessions accordingly. Your emotional fitness is equally important because strength without confidence is meaningless. Our coaches provide the necessary counseling required to put you in the right frame of mind. It is also important for a student to develop “the football mind,” i.e to make the right decisions with the ball at the right time during a game. Our certified coaches provide you with effective training for decision-making through scenario training.

  • Certified & Licensed Trainers

UEFA licenses and diplomas are not a walk in the park. There are four major UEFA certifications, starting from the C Diploma for grassroots coaches. A person has to go through C, B, and A to be eligible for UEFA Pro Diploma. TFA’s trainers are UEFA diploma and licence holders at various levels and ensure that you are provided the best football training of international standards.

‘We are really pleased with the EPC sessions with Coach Danny. His enthusiasm for development shines through his tailor-made approach to top-class sessions.

 Our child thoroughly enjoys it and his development is coming on leaps and bounds. We have seen an improvement in both his normal training and on match days.

 His Youth Team coach mentioned that something has clicked recently with him and he’s on another level. I see this as a direct result after starting working with Coach Danny.  Highly recommended!

Why Us?

TFA is a certified and licensed provider of football training at all levels. From preliminary to advanced football training, all coaches have UEFA licenses which ensure quality training. The talented coaches can help you take your game to another level because the coaching sessions are not limited to just the physical aspects of the game, but also the technical ones.

TFA conducts multiple personalized and joint training sessions to motivate, inspire and help individuals perfect their game through practice and a positive mindset. The custom-tailored sessions are aimed to bring the best out of you, build your skills, and train your mind to think like a professional player. This is made possible with the dedication of experienced trainers who customize each training regime according to your needs. If you have the passion, we can help you excel at the game.

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