The FA International Foundation Level 1

The FA Level 1 Course is the first step for all passionate coaches to take. It is the basics and fundamentals that they require to begin their journey of coaching. The progression of license starts from this Course and moves accordingly to FA level 2 License C, License B, License A and License PRO. The courses will be carried out by Scottish FA certified instructors who will be in every step of the way to giving the best experience and knowledge to the candidates.

The course has two parts: Theory and practical, which gives the candidates the knowledge and experience on how to approach and plan a session for the juniors. The course will cover the 4 aspects of football: Psychological, Technical, Physical and Social. The FA instructors will give practical training sessions to explain how to approach a session and cover all 4 aspects of football.

The candidates will then be asked to organize and deliver a session based on a topic chosen by the Instructor. Upon completion the instructor will give the feedback on how was the session, progression of the session, was the sessions simple or complicated and the delivery of the points. An online certificate from the Scottish FA will be issued to the candidates. After achieving the FA Level 1, candidates will become a Qualified Football Coach.

How to get the FA Level 1

Candidates must be 18+ years old. Regardless of their experience as a coach will complete an online application form with The Football Academy (TFA) Dubai, through their website:, then follow the steps. Due to the limited spaces the course will be on a first come first serve basis. The candidates will only be accepted upon making a deposit which will be 50%.

After completing the online application a meeting with TFA Coach where the application and the candidate is assessed through his knowledge, experience and expectations. The assessment will allow the instructors to have a clear vision on the character and personality of the candidates to ensure a proper approach to the feedback and comments.

Why TFA ?

TFA is a licensed Football Academy that not only aims at developing and improving players skills but also looks into the development of coaches. For future players, TFA puts their coaches on a continuous learning program to develop their knowledge and experience of the game. With it’s multi-national members with different background, knowledge and experience, TFA gathers all these ideas and ways of coaching into a curriculum for the players to have the best football sessions.

Salary Expectations

For a beginner in Coaching and a holder of the FA Level 1 license, the salary would range from 6 to 8k AED per month. The salary is prone to increase depending on the situation of the academy, the level of development and experience in coaching.

Academies in Dubai

All Academies in Dubai will require a foundation course or an FA Level 1 license unless you are Part-time coach.

Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions for the Scottish FA Education here

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