Follow the Satellite – Ali’s Words

This Friday afternoon I was traveling and making my way to a new venue for training which was on the other side of the town. So I was following the satellite to take me to my destination, but the traffic was quite bad and annoying. My navigator was telling me to follow a certain way which I was not so keen on following. I was debating on whether to take a different route and ignore the navigation completely. Under stress or in frustration one is often tempted to take shortcuts or try a new alternative. Then logic prevailed and I thought it was best to trust the satellite and follow the directions. It is better to be late than to get lost. After all the navigation works with a proper step-by-step direction and there is a plan in place to get you where you want to reach.

This scenario got me thinking about our young football players and their career paths. Isn’t their situation almost the same? For these young players, we are the satellite and the navigators guiding them every step of the way. These young players are desperate for a big break. They are eager to get the opportunity to make it to the ladder of football from where they can make their way to the top.

When they decide to join us, Danny, Ryan, and I are the navigators who lay out a career path for them and take the responsibility to be their guides in this journey. I have years of experience running an academy and establishing pathways for aspiring players. Danny is there as an inspiring player who made it and has been through familiar pathways. Ryan serves as an agent who is working with us closely to develop pathways for these young talents. Together we make a strong team who guides players on and off the field, advises them on relevant areas of improvement, reviews their performance, and motivates them to do better. We act as their supporter, planners, facilitators, organizers, and counselors.

So if you have the support of such a team on one side and then you decide not to follow them or take their advice then it is unfortunate. If you have come to join a team that has the experience, talent, and knowledge you might as well take advantage of it. In football having good advisors is crucial.

When it comes the raw natural talent we are blessed with it. We see it in every other player that comes from different corners of the world. If you are a boy in Argentina, Senegal, and South Africa, learning skills is easy. You can learn it from playing on the streets with no goals, no lines, or referees. You pick up skills, talent, passing drills, movement, and just about everything. The hard part is getting a sound career plan. You need the right direction to get you on track and help you achieve your football career goals. If you join us then trust us to get you there instead of relying on shortcuts. Work with your team and give your full commitment. Have faith that the career path designed specifically for you will get you to your destination.

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