Welcome to “Inside Football 365”

I’m Ali, founder of The Football Academy Dubai and Professional Football team TFA EPC.

For 45 years of my life I’ve been connected with football one way or the other and I have loved every bit of it. The journey has been an incredible one and at every stage I have learnt so much from the sport, made new connections and developed some essential life skills. During these decades, I have had some interesting experiences that made me grow personally and professionally. I owe it to the generation of aspiring players to share my experiences and secrets which I believe can facilitate them as they make their way to the top.

The goal of “Inside Football 365” is to help young players develop their talent and realize their full potential. We guide them on how to avoid mistakes and polish their skills as they take their game to the next level and become true professionals.

We are excited to launch full “Inside Football 365” in November that will be exclusively available for everyone with a subscription. To remain updated stay tuned.

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