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The Methodology behind Modern Goalkeeping

As modern football constantly changes and becomes faster and much more demanding, so it affects how the role of the goalkeeper is evolving too!

The methodology behind modern goalkeeping requires much attention and continuous innovation than one can imagine. And yet the starting point for any young goalkeeper remains to be the same and that is a decent and perfect technical base.

Our goalkeeper philosophy is simple and a sum of years of experience, studies and research that never stops and is continuous to ensure that I deliver the best to my goalkeepers each session. It is 100% goalkeeper-centered, which meets their needs and their long-term goals. The focus in each session is:

  • Creating a training to enhance individual capability
  • Sharing a vision between goalkeepers and myself
  • Challenging the goalkeepers according to the agreed vision
  • Allowing each goalkeeper to reflect/view and come up with key elements in which they feel they need to develop in and enhance
  • Maintaining constant contact with the goalkeepers so that joint reflection and planning can take place regularly
  • Observing during team practices so that the relevant feedback may be given to the goalkeepers regarding situations that occurred during practice
  • Filming every practice session to allow the goalkeepers further opportunity to reflect/review and to feedback
  • Designing the practice sessions to enhance the individual needs of each goalkeeper so that the practice can then be linked to the game
  • Using the game as the guideline for all session plans during the season, where possible

The goalkeeper syllabus reflects the 4 corner stones that are developed (Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological) and my methodology focuses on:

  • Improving modern goalkeeper development by giving goalkeepers the technical skill set and knowledge they require
  • Taking a holistic approach to physical talent identification within modern goalkeeping
  • Introducing the development of new movements, skills and passes, specific to the role of the modern goalkeeper in the ever-evolving game
  • Ensuring that the goalkeeper is physically and tactically prepared to deal with the evolutions in the game
  • Recognizing the importance of decision-making and psychological preparation for the goalkeeper

In return the ultimate goal is to create multi-functional, physically-developed and game-changing modern goalkeepers within The Football Academy Dubai, and great members of our society for the future and as leaders.

Most kids dream of scoring the perfect goal. I’ve always dreamed of stopping it!”

Iker Casillas

TFA Football Academy

The Football Academy (TFA) is a niche soccer academy head quartered in Dubai , with FA & UEFA qualified coaches we focus on the local talent pool, to identify the talented, passionate and committed and guide them to playing the highest level of soccer.

Weekly Technical Sessions

Technical skills are the foundation of good football. The skills needed vary from one position to another, with a goal keeper needing different skills than a field player. Our weekly sessions work on the English FA's 5 fundamentals of soccer: Dribbling, passing, shooting, heading and touch.

Weekly Tactical Sessions

Football often comes down to the strategy that a team employs at the end of a close game. We examine and teach team tactics, preparedness and the organizational skills needed to play effective football. Utilising UEFA designed 8 V 8 sessions, we deliver 90 minute sessions training our players in tactical principles of pressing, transition, counter attack and fluid movement.

Set Play Sessions

50% of goals are scored from set play. We organise a weekly session improving set play, freekicks, corners and even throw-ins.

Pride & Passion Meets Success

From inception, the success of The Football Academy has been built on the quality of our coaching. We truly believe that football isn’t a one-dimensional game, so we combine different philosophies when it comes to teaching our students the principals of soccer.

Our coaches come from different parts of the world, equipped not only with the relevant professional certifications they all contribute with their diverse coaching and playing experience to delivering rich, full-scale soccer learning curriculum.

TFA provides the best football coaching in Dubai through its team of professional FA & UEFA qualified soccer coaches.

Ali El Jishi

Head Coach
Palestinian - British

Fabian Alberto Uquillas

Senior Coach U17s

Coach Keith Maisey

Assistant Coach - Senior Team 16s

Coach Fouad Hafid

Head of TFA Juniors
French - Morrocan

Coach Osama Shahin

Senior Coach U9 - U15

Naoifal El Boumeshouli

Coach U14s
Dutch - Moroccan

Coach Anita Caro Salve

U13 Girls Coach

Ricardo Panton

Senior Coach U11

Samir Al Husseini

Coach U7 - U10

Alberto Gutiérrez Nieto

Coach U6

Sohail Pedari

Goalkeeper Coach
Swedish - Iranian