How to Spot Talent? – Ali’s Words

As a coach, I have spent so much time guiding players to be mentally prepared for the moment when they can feel the watchful eyes of a scout that I never realized the pressure on the ‘scout.’ While conducting the Betis Academy on Tour, I experienced the stress of making the right decision.

When every athlete has talent, skill, and motivation, how do you make a pick? Of course, one can find faults and scope for improvement, but ultimately, we were in the presence of talent, and soon we realized that to survive in professional football, one also needs the right mindset. The unmeasurable talent of Iceland’s players did not make it easier.

Skilled players have the talent, but those who last often do so due to their focus and attitude. We notice the attitude towards the game, the team, and the opportunity and the respect with which a player approaches the field.

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