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Since its inception in January 2016, TFA has promoted football in a holistic manner, by empowering players to elevate their passion for football to reach the professional levels that they aspire for. The academy has become a center for the community, as the place where students realize their inner potential, athletes train for championships, coaches enhance their skills and everyone learns crucial life skills through football. Driven by committed coaches, and focused to motivate and guide athletes to their peak potential, TFA is known for the many specialized programs that have launched career and education paths for athletes across the globe. It is our effort to support every football player achieve their dream and that’s why we curate paths for players from their toddler years to adolescence, going even further in our efforts to support young post-grads in acquiring their dream to carry on playing soccer while pursuing college studies.

Our Mission

We established the Football Academy to provide players with opportunities to train and compete in Dubai at a global level. Our commitment is demonstrated by the players who have come to Dubai from all over the world and those who proceeded to some of the world’s best football clubs.

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Our Vision

At The Football Academy, we train intensely so that our players can develop their football skills and be prepared to compete against national and international teams at the highest level. One-on-One training session focuses on developing specific technical skills and mobility, while a team training session develops team cohesiveness and tactics. As one of the most effective and comprehensive club soccer programs in Dubai, we are able to guide players with our experienced coaching staff.

Our Team

For us, football is the people’s game - beyond age, gender, nationality, beliefs, or any cultural background. Our goal is to inspire everyone because the game has the power to bring the world together. Our Coaches represent our multicultural family of players. They are all FA Certified and have extensive experience in coaching football to young players across ages.


Director & Club Owner


The founder and Chief Operating Officer of TFA, Ali El Jishi comes with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and exposure in the field of football. He has been an avid football lover since childhood. Pursuing his passion for the game, Jishi went on to play football at the semi-professional level in various parts of the world.



Fouad Hafid

Fouad has gathered over 10 years of experience in coaching football in France. By the age of 21, he was working with U18s and coached football to over 19s, by 24 he obtained his Level B certificate from the French FA along with a BA degree in Sports science and a MA with a specialty – “Psychological Preparation of the athlete”.



Sari has improved a lot since joining the TFA, as a father and a big fan of the game I wanted to make sure that he is passionate about the game, wanted to improve, and is eager to learn. I always talk to Sari about the importance of listening to his coaches carefully, discipline, and commitment then we can progress with the skills and dribbling and scorning and I believe Sari is moving forward in this path. It's not easy to handle a group of kids below 6 years old and make sure they are applying what you are asking them to do, Coach Jake is doing a fantastic job to keep the kids focused and loving the game. He knows the capability of each player and tries to push the best out of them. He keeps on talking to his players in groups as well as individually to lift their morale and direct them to the best techniques of the game.

Bassel (Sari's dad - U6)

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