Lesson in Setbacks

The recent Liverpool vs Machester game was a real tear-jerker. Waking up to the updates I was baffled, they fell short by one point, they almost had the championship, and then it dawns upon me – do we cheer for a jersey or the game of football?

How we process setbacks is how we get better, how the GAME is elevated. Just like life, greatness in football is not achieved by an endless winning streak, it’s the setbacks that change the course of our journey – often for the best.

The first thing you do is that you clap for those who won – always! Then you look at your game, your strategy, and your players and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to understand how can you make up for the small margin that you missed earlier. Professional football has the emotions of millions attached to it, but only one team wins, the other team prepares again to be better, to be more worthy of the win.

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