Mind-Body Balance – Ali’s Words

Mind-body balance Football is an exhilarating sport and as a spectator, the highs and lows entertain us, as players and coaches it is crucial to maintain a balanced approach at all times.

The most important tip would be to keep your balance, winning a match should not get you too excited and losing one should not keep you defeated for long. Especially for young players, it is difficult to be on the field without letting emotion affect them but detachment is key.

I practice meditation, especially before a big match or a crucial session. I like to center my thoughts and feel peaceful before the excitement creeps in.

It is recommended to consciously learn to process a game irrespective of the outcome, football is an exciting sport and as a committed coach, there is a lot that goes into my mind during and after the game but ensuring my well being and mental peace is crucial to set the right example for the players too.

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