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Coach Michel Nassif

Assistant Coach TFA Seniors

Born and raised in the U.A.E, Coach Michel Nassif has a very modern, first-hand experience and understanding of cultural diversity and tolerance that have molded his ability to develop as a coach in the best possible way.

Coach Michel began playing football at a very young age, driven by determination and a strong sense of self-awareness, his passion and career path were very clear from a young age. After already playing for various academies in the UAE such as Barcelona Soccer School and Talented Football Academy, Michel always had a sense of leadership as he used to captain all of his school teams.

He realized that the most effective and efficient way to contribute to this great sport is through managing and coaching players. Firstly, Michel worked as a coach helper for E-Sports football in Dubai. After graduating from Wellington International School in Dubai, Michel earned a degree in Sports Management through the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield, England. Michel then completed an internship in football coaching by the University of Hertfordshire. Shortly afterward, Michel then completed Level 1 in Football Coaching, which is certified by the London Football Association (FA) with an intention to complete his FA level 2 coaching badge in Dubai.