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Lara Sabbah



Lara played football at both semi-professional and professional youth club levels in Jordan for 10 years. ‎

At the age of 26 she decided to switch her career and focus on football coaching starting as an assistant ‎coach with a Not-for-profit youth development company “Aurora” in Jordan, alongside taking the ‎professional experience coaching the girls’ senior team in her prior club “Orthodox Club” in the Women’s ‎Pro League in Amman/Jordan. After completing her AFC B qualification, she was the head coach of the ‎U17 Girls team. Once she completed her A license in August 2021, Lara made the move to Dubai with ‎TFA. ‎ ‎

As Lara gained her coaching experience through working with both advanced and beginner levels, ‎alongside leading a sports development department. This gives her a specific expertise and deeper ‎insight into youth development on and off the pitch which she aims to bring with her to TFA. ‎ ‎

While at TFA, Lara aims to raise the awareness that football is a sport for girls as well through the ‎campaign “Girls Can Play Too”. She is determined to develop the girls’ team by creating a safe ‎environment for all levels where players are always being supported and encouraged to improve their ‎weaknesses and continue to develop their strengths. However, most importantly she wants to contribute ‎to the TFA environment where players learn life skills through the sport they admire.‎