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Why join the TFA seniors (15-18) pathway to EPC


Ever since I have come to Dubai, I have noticed the limited access to professional clubs for Dubai Kids. with most football teams made of Expats, their limited access to pathways to professional clubs is a gap that needs to be filled. Despite talent, the teenagers with a serious commitment to the sport miss the chance to reach higher professional football because there is no direction for players in the age group of 15-18 years,’ Ali El Jishi, Coo and Founder TFA. Aimed to impart skill, tact, and training to children in 15-18 years, the Seniors’ team of TFA is ultimately a  pathway to Dubai EPC. Each session establishes football as a part of life and a spirit of sportsmanship in their personality. The high-energy programs are drafted and curated to encourage children to develop physical strength and mental agility so that their talent can be showcased and celebrated professionally.

The Senior Programme is critical because it focuses on the age group where children with the skill to become professionals are first noticed and mentored with seriousness. It is also the right time to plan a long-term road map for players with exceptional talent and dedication.

This age group also sees a dip in players continuing the game, and apart from distractions and other aspirations, the players and their parents don’t see scope for growth in Football. While there are plenty of academies for toddlers and many avenues for professional players, there is avoided in the 15-18 years age group.

Soccer players in blue uniform standing up.

Whether you are looking for an introduction to football or supporting an exceptional talent, TFA’s Senior program has you covered. We provide speed & agility training, offensive/defensive skills, flag pulling, and scrimmaging – while maintaining personality development!

TFA introduces the fundamentals of soccer and focuses on skills such as dribbling, passing, and shooting to bring the players a more conscious awareness of space and shape. We also encourage character traits like respect, teamwork, and sportsmanship in each game. Children will also be introduced to competition in a developmentally appropriate manner. At The Football Academy, we train intensely so that our players can develop their football skills and be prepared to compete against national and international teams at the highest level.

Pathway 2 EPC

Dubai Elite Performance Centre is envisioned as a club where ambitious footballers from all over the world come to perform and excel. The Goal – become part of a UAE professional league, built on the philosophy to develop young men as we nurture their ambition and their dream and help them map out their careers.

Envisioned as the club where talent and dedication thrive in a supportive ecosystem, the Elite Performance Center is TFA’s Senior Men’s team that competes in the professional leagues. Built with talented players, Dedicated Coaches, World-class infrastructure, sponsors, and managers, with the philosophy to develop young men as we nurture their ambition and their dream and help them map out their careers.

The club upholds a collective mentality towards growth, training, and the fantastic game of Football. Our mission is to develop soccer skills, as well as maintain an environment that embodies the core values of integrity, leadership, perseverance, respect, and teamwork while enhancing self-esteem, promoting self-confidence, and cultivating a lifelong passion for the beautiful game of soccer.

The junior team is an exciting age group where tact and technical skills are blended together with team play and physical development. Every child learns new soccer skills and techniques through participation in activities, and this is a crucial time when children can decide if Football is a hobby, a lifelong passion, or a professional course. At TFA, we curate age-specific strategies that help children enjoy and explore the scope of football. 

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