Pathway2Play helping young players secure their future by blending football and academics

Football is a game of passion, and The Football Academy (TFA) has been elevating this passion amongst thousands of football players ever since it was established. The Academy has gained reputation over the period of time and is best known for its most extensive training and development initiatives. At a time when football was still considered as a regional sport, TFA brought a catalyst of change in the sport with carefully curated programs, like Pathway2Play where we provide quality training and guidance to student athletes aiming to establish their academic paths parallel to their football aspirations.


We deliver what we Commit to 

At TFA we go beyond football training and ensure that each player can achieve his/her dream, that’s why we offer a  comprehensive solution to the exceptional players who wish to play and achieve academic excellence . TFA’sPathway2Play has grown to become the most respected  training program in Dubai as we have successfully helped many students find their college in USA, Canada and UK.

Empower Student Athletes – TFA understands the importance of each footballer’s personality and the moral guidance required. The training programs at Pathway2Play aim at producing empowered individuals, having a strong sense of self while playing at international leagues. The players are trained to up-skill their confidence through a philosophical approach that would help them face the challenging times while performing on the field of match.

Create Student Athlete CV – Basis personality evaluation and skill development as a footballer, we guide the players in creating a professional CV that would help them get through a university soccer team. The profiles we create for each player are based on highlighting their most efficient skill-sets that will make them stand out of the crowd. These include their physical strength, academic information, GPA, SAT/ACT scores.

We go a step ahead by creating the most effective video profile of these players that would give an interactive impression of a candidate in just a few minutes. The importance of such video resumes is to create a reputation between the players and the recruiting universities. This also highlights the player’s firsthand communication and public speaking skills.

Provide personalised Guidance – We believe every player carries individual identification. With our curated academic curriculum we help our players enhance their ability. Through personalised guidance, these football players are able to balance the academic and athletic skills. Our soccer coaches guide them in understanding the values of perseverance, self-control, etc. that  would lead them to not only achieve those very goals, but also earn respect on the field and amongst the opponents.

College Placement – Based on the academic performances, required scores and financial needs, our consultants work for you to secure placements to the universities that are best fit for the candidate. We evaluate every skill level of the footballer and based on their preferences we target the universities where they can be placed for becoming ace-athletes.

Pathway to Success


“The Pathway2Play programme allowed me to pursue my dream of playing football and merged my parent’s wish to see me pursue my degree and do well academically. When my parents signed me up with TFA, I had not anticipated the infinite support I received! In the last 2 years I have had specialised coaching for the game as well as guidance to joining a college soccer team - it is a huge commitment. You have to get the right grades and train 5 times a week and manage your time so that you can secure the scholarship. Working towards a soccer scholarship takes focus but it does provide a safety net because if you aren't picked for a PRO team you still get admission to a college with scholarship. As I pursue this path, I only have the coaches at TFA to thank for.”

Kridge Gonsalves

How we work?

Why TFA?

TFA has built its reputation in Dubai for producing world-class footballers. Our football training program is designed with an innovative approach and integrated curriculum suitable for the players as young as 3-years-old to 21-years-old.

Our focus is your future and we work to explore our network, experience and energy into carving a path that leads to your success.

The team of experienced coaches has been instrumental in setting up Pathway 2Play. They play a pivotal role in the development and execution of the experiential learning, academic and sports curriculum. These coaches are seasoned players who bring with them their decades of experience in the sports industry while providing training to the players.

We have experts who are certified nutritionists,  With a special focus on the training activities, the coaches are the force behind bringing together top level football players under one roof, i.e. TFA.