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A Coache's Duty - Ali's Words

In a meeting yesterday with a partner, we discussed the story of TFA and how I started with the idea of "pathways."

I remember that a few years ago, I noticed that there were so many academies and teams for football, but there was no final stage or achievement for a football player. Parents and schools trust us to teach players the beautiful game of football; after a few terms or years, the kids develop an interest in the game. Many are talented, too, but there is no certification, no graduation ... nowhere to go from there.

We knew that the exceptional players deserved a platform that could launch them, a dedicated service where they would be guided to the highest form of the game. We started with Pathway2USA so players could continue as student-athletes and gradually moved to create pathways to college, professional careers, and lots more.

Sure, enrolling students every year is straightforward-we just give them the infrastructure to play football and everyone is happy. Still, I believe that every coach must elevate a player, irrespective of nationality, age, or gender; it's their duty.

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