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Bad Days - Ali's Words

When you are having a bad day, sitting alone in a quiet place - the inner voice becomes louder and how you respond to it decides whether it lifts you or punches you down. In football, when you make a mistake and see that players around you are better and faster, the immediate frustration is evident. In a trial, it can be damaging, and in a game, it translates to a loss but nothing stops at the first incident because the conversation you have with yourself determines your outlook and action.

It is fascinating to see how players' body language changes as they cheer themselves up or crumble in a moment of disappointment. How do you generate confidence within yourself, whether on trial or in a match. When you are playing the game, psychology is a massive part of the game, and the inner chat you have is crucial. Of course, the best athletes have psychologists to train their minds for motivation, but everyone can train to be positive and thereby succeed. The key to a successful athlete's mindset is becoming proficient at stopping unhelpful, negative thoughts, demanding excellence, and condemning failure. Internal monologue running through your head as you play is a key indicator of how much you can push yourself; this becomes crucial while shaking off recent negative. Athletes use their coaches' voices to replace their intentions and anxieties.

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