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Be Super Fit for Professional Football - Ali's Words

This morning when I spoke to one of our trialists to see how the trails were coming along, he quite disappointedly told me that the young boys coming in do not meet the fitness criteria for the game. Most of these boys have the talent and skills for football. But what they don’t realize is that to become a professional player, there are certain standards and benchmarks. And of course, one of the primary ones among these is your fitness level because football is a highly demanding game physically (as well as mentally).

I was quite surprised to see a young boy of Pakistani origin who had come all the way from Australia to earn a spot on the team but lacked the strength and athleticism needed for the game. I came to know that he had not been watching his diet in the past but had started doing so only recently. So I spoke to him and tried to explain to him that if you want to play football professionally, you need to make lifestyle changes. Diet alone cannot do wonders. As my favorite trainer Ren says, you cannot out-train a bad diet. If you go weeks and months without a balanced nutritious diet, you can't expect to reverse the effects it has had on your body in a short time. You must not take these trials lightly. They involve a lot of games and sessions and you’ve got to perform exceptionally well to secure a place on the team.

Remember, in football, consistency in fitness is key. And that comes by adopting a healthy diet and disciplined exercise routine. This routine should be an integral part of your life and lifestyle if you want to make it big in professional football. The bottom line is, that to play professional football, be super fit at all times.

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