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Development VS Winning - Ali's Words

I recently came across an exciting project in the lower divisions of Bulgaria and had the pleasure of meeting an interesting gentleman who is also the chairman of a football club. We had a rather insightful conversation on the game. Our discussion led to an interesting debate on development versus winning.

This is one topic I am very passionate about and often discuss it with my partner, who heads the academy in the UK. He is a strong advocate of investing in the development of players to empower them in their practical and professional lives.

Coming back to the club chairman, I must say, he is a very honest guy who is very devoted to the training of young athletes. I truly appreciate his commitment to this objective, because, in football, these qualities are of crucial importance. He believes that the development of players must always be the top priority in football.

However, I on the other hand am of the view that the ultimate aim of development is to win. Developmental work without results defeats the purpose. This is precisely what I conveyed to the club chairman as well. In football, winning is the true measure of success. It is the only way through which you can analyze and gauge the progress that your developmental work has brought about in the players and the team. Producing peak performance is in fact the ultimate goal of development.

Consistent wins in football not only boost your confidence but also bring glory to the club which in turn brings great monetary rewards. This money can then be reinvested in the further development and training of the players, making them stronger, more powerful, and eventually unbeatable champions. The sense of achievement and encouragement you get from winning is unmatched and it only inspires you to aim higher and perform better.

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