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End of the Trial - Ali's Words

Our month-long trial of players for our new EPC team is about to end following which we’ll be making the final selection. It’s always difficult to make these decisions and communicate them to the players who have traveled to Dubai from across the world and given their blood and sweat to be able to earn a spot on the team.

We sincerely value their time and respect their efforts. However, the final decision of whether or not a player would play for our club rests with the coach. We have our criteria and standards of selection and there is no compromise on them. At the end of the trial, there are three kinds of outcomes. Of course, the first and most positive outcome is being selected to play for our A team. The negative outcome is not earning a spot and being told to go back home. And the third outcome is to be sent to our B team which means you still have a chance to get into the A team if you perform well.

We understand that each player who takes part in these trials expects to be selected and play for the team. But as a club, we have to show no mercy when it comes to selection. Our ultimate goal is to choose the best of the best to play for our team. For that, we analyze and judge their talent, fitness level, and attitude of course. Unfortunately, we’ve observed that a lot of the young players who want to play professional football are rather delusional. They are over-confident and do not completely understand what professional football demands of them. They either lack in terms of skills or the attitude they have towards the sport. Initially, when you see them play in flashes or in a game or two, they may look like a suitable candidate. But when you get to watch them throughout the month, you are able to spot their weaknesses.

Our decisions are based on how talented, consistent, and disciplined a player is in every aspect of the game. If you lack in any of these aspects, it means you’re not good enough to play for our team professionally. So as difficult as it may be, we have to let go of such players. We’re totally honest and fair in our analysis and judgment. And we believe that if a player is keen on learning and improving himself, they must also be able to self-analyze their performance and make an honest analysis about it.

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