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Financing a Player - Ali's Words

As we enter the trial season, daily, we receive requests from players and agents across the world, and the common question is - who will pay for it? It may sound ridiculous, but everyone wants to travel to Dubai and play football—especially if it can be converted into a professional career—but every journey needs to be funded.

Sadly, there are no easy solutions to this. There are agents who can connect you to companies that sponsor players. You might find a brand that sees value in you or a club that will support your growth in the field, but there is no one who will send you tickets and a hotel stay to judge your skill. My advice, take the chances you get to play with the small teams and then progressively make it to the bigger teams and larger crowds. Your talent will attract financial backing, but only if you have the right team supporting you. I might feel abrupt, but a good player needs financial backing and professional advice; the best bet is for an athlete to have a good coach and a team that can support him while coaching him.

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