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Football Fan Base - Ali's Words

One of the things we discussed in our team meeting was how crucial is to have a fan base. Nothing fuels a player more than the cheering crowds, but despite having a following, a lot of clubs in Dubai play in nearly empty stadiums. A very important aspect for us while creating EPC is to create a fanbase.

Football is a people's game, and the players can feel the energy the players transmit throughout the stadium. Commercially, of course, we cannot deny how sweet the fan base sounds to the advertising and marketing departments of every brand. For me, establishing Dubai EPC as an ex-pat club, we consider social media, in-person events, games, and lots more to ensure that anyone looking to enjoy a good game of football should know where we play and when.

We hope to become the club whose soul IS DUBAI - where players and coaches from across the world come together, work hard and grow with every opportunity. So we dream of what attracts Dubai - hard work-based performance, flawless determination, and a love for Football.

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