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Interview the Coach - Ali's Words

Interviews are fascinating conversation tools in every setting, but when a student-athlete speaks to a coach, there is so much at stake for both that the interview can be a milestone for life.

While preparing a player heading to the USA, we spoke about the importance of maintaining a clear line of thought and ensuring a 2-way conversation. When the right player matches up with the right coach, we will see better football, secure careers for the players, and another opportunity for the coach. It is essential to ask a coach: "Why do you want to work with me? How many players have they coached and what plans do they have for you? What is their story?

Your relationship with the coach is also based on your personality and how well you get along - or not. A coach can be a friend, guide, or teacher, but they are also the architect of your success, and you must know their design and confirm their ability to execute it before you hand over the reins of your future.

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