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Is my Kid 'Good'​ at Football? - Ali's Words

A common question ALL coaches receive daily is, "Is my kid good at football?" Based on a child's age, there are signs of a promising player—a toddler that doesn't cry is always a treat to teach! Let's accept that the real question should be what my kid is learning from football.

In all seriousness, at the age of 6-7, we can spot children with motor skills, stamina, and a sense of coordination. Kids at ten years old will have all that, the ability to play well in a team and a few skills in the game. In the early teens, a player's physical power, mental agility, and motivation for the game can become an indicator.

But to answer the parent's questions - at every stage, we see learning opportunities from the technique with the ball, knowledge of tactics and movement during the game, and physical readiness to endure the game. Still, more importantly, it teaches children important life lessons. The children learn how to work in a team, handle loss, bear the pressure of a game, channel criticism, manage time, and most importantly, handle parental pressure.

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