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Looking for Interns - Ali's Words

Growth has a beautiful appeal to it, but it needs the support of people, and as TFA explores new avenues, we are expanding our team and looking to hire a few interns for our operations.

Every day I get contacted by people looking to get their foot in the door; this is a chance to make sure that you start on the right one. If you are lucky, your journey begins at a place where people are willing to teach you, invest in you, and help you grow.

As an intern, you get to take your first steps into the exciting world of football and the work behind running an academy. At TFA, we are looking for committed individuals that are willing to work, willing to learn, and can not just spot an issue but solve it. Our interns don’t make coffee or run errands; they make real contributions to the everyday working of the academy and all its branches, from toddler classes to the professional club and everything in between. So if you are a fresh Graduate and have a passion for growing, learning, and working hard, contact us—liking football would be a HUGE PLUS!

Apply by sending an email with your CV and a short description on why we should hire you (50-100 words) to

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