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Nutrition in Football - Ali's Words

You are what you eat because food is what fuels you; the right fuel - the right quantity and the right time are what ensure that your machine is at peak performance. I have learned what works best for me but I will refrain from giving advice on nutrition - at TFA we have a nutritionist who guides players and I have seen teenagers surprised to learn the basics.

Especially in the middle east, players often don’t make changes to the nutritional requirements of their bodies when they start to play. A single game can take up to 1,000 calories and athletes have to eat the right kind of food to get the energy - neglect in diet affects their game and their health as well. Players are often cautioned against the indiscriminate use of dietary supplements, protein shakes, or other superfoods that are promoted to be a solution. But it is important to ensure that all children, not just athletes, learn the basics of diet and nutrition as a building block of healthy life.

What to eat before games, how much to eat and lots more needs to become part of the daily life of players because a balanced intake is crucial for anyone involved in continuous high-intensity training like most of our players are. Often overlooked, diet is a major change to adapt to and requires lifelong commitment to being a professional athlete.

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