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Off-season - Mind practice etc - Ali's Words

As we enter the off-season, one common question especially from the senior players is - what should we do in the off-season? We educate the senior players on their diet, sleep, exercise, and practice. A lot of technical work can be built on when you play along with the ball.

The worst thing one can do is party and forget about their training or the game. We have observed players' fitness and routines shift drastically during the off-season. I say this to every player-dedication delivers results a lot more often than passion or talent! Because dedicated hard work is 24 hours, seven days a week, for 12 months, and there are no on/off seasons to taking care of the mental and physical fitness. Athletes know that it is not the end-stage for a sport; you can always get better, do more, and elevate your skill and stamina.

Having said that, rest is equally important, and one must take the time to rejuvenate. I recommend players watch more football than they normally can and analyze the game in detail to stay connected to the webinars and teachings of the coaches.

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