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Paradox of Football - Ali's Words

Since the day I learned about the business of Football, it confused me and the more I understand the more complex this paradox gets. Trust me when I tell you that Football is profitable only when you have NEW talent playing great Football and the new talent comes to the game for two reasons - they love the game and they are attracted by the success stories. The paradox is that while each club and team NEEDS new players with great skill to attract fans, coverage, and money - they have restrictive policies on scouting. You can't just 'apply' for the vacancy and certainly do not qualify with an exam.

So many players have googled, ‘how do I get selected for a big football club’ and apart from a dozen motivational quotes, the only other option is - maybe your coach knows someone who knows someone. Most of the time, no one seems to know anyone and so many talented players can’t reach their peak potential.

If you are lucky enough to play for the big clubs, you will see TV money, ad money, and the fans who will follow you. But most clubs don't play in the top division so the no.1 way is to buy and sell players, yet most clubs have a closed-door policy for finding talent. They rely on their scouts and personal network but no one opens the door to the hidden gem who is just a flight away - even if the player is a gem who will change the game forever. But with restrictions on location even people who wish to have more talent and provide opportunities are limited in their ability. Hence, the paradox.

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