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Pathways for Dubai Expats - Ali's Words

Finally, there is a breakthrough in football geography in the UAE with the second (and now the third) division. It may not seem like big news, but for the ex-pat kids growing up in Dubai, this is a BIG reason for celebration. Traditionally, the clubs in the UAE were inaccessible to ex-pat kids; this created a vacuum for 90% of the kids. There were a few players playing or training with a few clubs, but no one really broke through, but the recent change is a really welcome trend.

The limited growth of a massive pool of talent was one of the biggest motivations I had while establishing EPC as a pathway that would join this. This shift in mentality has brought about a fresh scope for new players and better football. It is vital for the future of football in the UAE to access the talent of the ex-pat kids; the new divisions will definitely bring in better competition and more skill and improve the level of the game, thereby elevating the national football team. Kudos to creating the 2nd and 3rd divisions; we are sure to witness some splendid football; it's a good day for those tracking the growth of this beloved sport in the Middle East.

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