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Plan and Re-Plan - Ali's Words

We spend a great deal of time and effort planning various projects and tours throughout the year. So it can be quite frustrating when something that we’ve been looking forward to and working on so passionately does not pan out the way we expected. In such a scenario, you have two options: you either try to resolve the issue at hand and continue or make a new plan.

As entrepreneurs and coaches, we have a fighting spirit and a go-getter attitude. Therefore, our natural response is to persevere and find a solution to the problem we’re faced with. But when other people involved don’t have the same enthusiasm and are not willing to put in as much effort as you, the plan won’t work out no matter what. So when you cannot rely on people to get certain tasks done, it’s better to let it go. If you keep insisting and trying in such a situation, you’d only waste your energy and invite more frustration.

My first reaction in such circumstances is of course disappointment. But I don't sit and fret over it. I try to understand the situation, analyze the aspects that went wrong, learn from them, and then prepare to make a new stronger plan. I believe this is the best way to approach a failed situation. Take it as an experience and use it to your advantage. This way you’ll be better equipped to make solid plans and handle complex situations smartly.

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