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Player's Motivation - Ali's Words

During zoom calls with the player, from across the players, different profiles, nationalities, and backgrounds, we get the chance to evaluate a player, not just as a footballer but also as a person. While there are some hilarious questions that one day I will print and frame, I wonder if people know how much they give away simply by choosing what to ask first. When a player starts with questions like what his training will be like, who will train him, how we will design his next step and what pathway would suit his profile - their motivation shines through.

Meanwhile, when a player starts with his salary, his travel, days off, sightseeing, etc., we know that we are dealing with a tourist in a football jersey. While there are players who are nervous or naive and might start with questions about money and travel, if their true passion is the game, then they will spend a lot more time trying to figure out if TFA and EPC are really worth the hype. As a (former) recruiter, I can sense when a person is speaking with the intention of talent enhancement or not.

To be honest, there is no right or wrong list of questions, but we are hoping to see is your motivation and focus. A player with the right combination of these two qualities is sure to make a mark, and many others simply go back with I love Dubai t-shirts.

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