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Player Transfer In the Works - Ali's Words

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

As the transfer window is approaching in January, we are working to transfer/sell one of our best players. We've started the preparations in advance because a great deal of planning is required for the successful transfer of a good player into a good club. It's not an easy job. You need to work on various aspects and plan each step carefully to find the perfect club for the player. So you’ve got to do a lot of research and development work to get the match-making right.

As you may know through my write-ups that in the football business everyone is on the lookout for good players that can be polished and developed for the future. But that’s only half the job done. The most significant part is to find the right pathways for the player and create opportunities for them. Unless you do that, the player will go nowhere.

Therefore, we’ve started our work with the target clubs, target contacts, and target market. We’re in talks with all the relevant people to get our super-talented player to a worthy club. Remember, finding the right club in the right league with the right coach is not easy. It’s a very delicate process. We believe that the coach should be such who has the ability to see the player’s potential and work to develop him further. Ultimately, the success of both clubs lies in developing the player to sell him to a club of a higher level. All small football clubs worldwide are involved in developing talent and selling it to the higher clubs that would pay millions for these players.

We’re currently in the works for the transfer of our top player. Watch this space to find out the progress of the story. I will then talk you through how successful transfers in the football business are done.

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