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Process, not 'Steps'​ to Success - Ali's Words

I often see the steps or stages to a goal; in football, that's not the case because a well-thought-of process will win over steps any day. Starting young gives a massive advantage to players as they can establish their routines and dedicate time to the game.

Each player makes their process map, but in my experience, a few factors are common:

1. Keep focus and passion alive. Football takes time, effort, and the right mindset, not just to win but to handle the losses that invariably come along. It's a hard road to the top; if one is not mentally strong enough to bear the journey, then physical skill alone is not enough.

2. Continuous development in the physical aspect to build stamina and speed. I remember when we asked all players to hit the gym, and they were confused, but once their physical strength supported their skills, it became integral to their routine. It's critical to continue to fuel the muscle memory to help the newly acquired skills and have a tactical advantage over your competition.

3. The last and most important process is to be part of a good team program. It takes a lot of effort to ensure that the mental and physical skills reach the world stage. Or find an agent who can open a door for you because an athlete cannot spot and convert a specialized opportunity alone.

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