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Professionalism is the Key to Success - Ali's Words

I’m currently planning to hold an event in a different country for which I’m looking for a professional event manager. But it’s been quite a disappointing experience so far. The people I’ve met have demonstrated a total lack of professionalism. They are not prompt in their responses and least bothered about following up on the requirements of the event. Even their presentations show a lack of preparation, research, and clarity.

After retiring as a player from football, I began working in the corporate sector and spent a significant part of my career in international recruitment. Hence, I am well aware of the level of commitment and hard work that is expected in the corporate world. You’ve got to facilitate your clients and earn their confidence if you want to progress.

Sadly during my football career, I came across many unprofessional people. They threw tantrums and did not pay heed to what was expected of them. But having worked in the corporate sector, I thought people here are more responsible, disciplined, and focused. But my recent interactions have revealed otherwise. Having professional conduct does not necessarily mean others would behave similarly. You get to deal with people who are more of a nuisance than of any help. And that’s the price I’ve had to pay for my professionalism.

Remember, no matter which country you’re working in or which field you’re a part of, if you want to be successful, you must have a professional attitude. Lack of it would not only reflect badly on your image but also lose you opportunities in the long run.

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