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Re-programming to Understand, Accept and grow from Failure - Ali's Words

Yesterday we had to pull the plug on one of the projects that we had been working on for months, a tough call that I was dealing with internally. But as I was spending time with a South African player, we spoke at length about how the game of football is full of challenges and failures. It got me thinking that the journey is a never-ending tale of loss and how we deal with the hiccups is never taught. We are always taught to aim for success, almost programmed to claim the prize but handling failure is not discussed.

As I reflect on what my friend shared and my own experience, one thing is certain- the first step is to take a long, hard look at oneself and access. The very act of introspection makes one willing to adapt, improve, and try one more time. When things don't work out, objectively analyze why the results did not match your expectations and how you can improve. The second part of the advice is to stick to your commitment. In football, there are so many players, and each one is battling his challenges. I tell a lot of players that the key to success in football is "stickability"—sticking to it, not giving up. As you climb the mountain, the higher you go, the fewer people around you, and if you continue to calm down, you will reach the peak. It is crucial to continue down the path of hard work until you are one of the few still walking down the track.

As for my team and I -, we analyze the changes, and we will introspect and adapt but resume our efforts because we find out how to do it better and then DO it better.

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