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Tech in Football - Ali's Words

Is there anything that is not tracked, measured, and recorded by technology anymore? Not looking for an answer, just thinking out loud because growing up, I never imagined the role of technology in football-but today, we use smart systems to understand individual players, team tactics, and lots more.

Seeing the coaches at the premium leagues track a game via an iPad might puzzle you unless you know that the interface helps them give feedback and strategize better! I had an interesting conversation with a company that makes apps for the same, and their vision for the future was exciting, to say the least. We are hoping to integrate our little boots program with the technology to help players track their growth, let parents monitor their development and allow coaches to give actionable feedback to the players. This fascinating support that technology provides is great not just for toddlers; the players in junior and senior teams monitor their fitness and health with tech.

Any tool that makes life easier is welcome, but a tool that enhances performance is easily integrated and used; I am sure that new technology will continue to lend support to sports and make life's challenges easier.

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