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TFA Webinars are an Interactive Teaching method Strategy - Ali's Words

Growing up, one complaint that all parents seem to have was that their kids watched too much football. I remember watching football, discussing it, and then enacting it endlessly—that was how we passed most of our time. I still can't imagine missing a single Liverpool match.

When I started as a coach, I noticed that the young players had so many distractions that they were not learning the tactics that watching professional football teaches. Unfortunately, the more options there are to pass the time, the more difficult it is to stay focused, and athletes are no different. To ensure that the game penetrates their conversations, we got creative and started to use webinars before games.

These were videos of matches with voiceover and commentary that discussed the players' strategic tactics in the game shortly after. I believed that the TikTok generation would find it easier to receive information from the visual inputs instead of a coach with a whiteboard. Also as an academy we have to update our style of teaching so that the players can process the information and apply it correctly.

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