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The End of Week Show - Excitement is in the Air - Ali's Words

Updated: Aug 2

Right now, it’s 48 hours to go until our next match. There is a sense of excitement and positivity amongst the team. We’ve worked all through the week to build up the momentum and get the guys ready for the performance of the week. Obviously, this week is very important for us because we’ve experienced the disappointment of losing the first match of the season. We all had high hopes, however, we were unable to bag a win. So it’s a wake-up call for all of us, including the players, the coaches, and myself.

In the first game of the season, we had quite a few injuries right in the beginning which is what made the job harder for the boys. Nonetheless, we’ve taken it in our stride and hope to continue with greater zeal and enthusiasm. After all, nothing beats the excitement and thrill of playing football. This is why we enjoy this game so much and this is why we’re all in this business.

The amount of work, time, and effort that goes into the preparation of these matches is unbelievable. For the spectators, it’s just a game on a Saturday and we’re just a small bubble in the third division. I cannot imagine the kind of preparation for the show day or match day of the highest level. Everything has to be well-aligned behind the scenes; from the cameramen to the physicians and from the administration to the coaches and ambulance. It all has to be on point; there is no room for carelessness or mistakes. Only then you can put together a good performance.

Last weekend may have been disappointing as things didn't pan out the way we wanted. But that’s what is so exciting about this sport; it’s so unpredictable and always keeps you on your toes. The loss has not impacted my excitement level, as evident in my write-ups. I am as excited and positive as ever; we’re all geared up for the next show.

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