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The Fake Trial - Ali's Words

The number of players I meet who reach Dubai under the flase pretext of joining a club seems to increase yearly. It is heartbreaking to see players from North-Africa , and Central Africa reach Dubai hoping to get recruited and then suffer from the realisation that they were duped. There are many stories of players who received elaborate documents, invitations, and confirmation from reputed clubs—all of which proved to be tricks from a scammer. I sincerely hope that the law catches up to those who mislead young players.

However, players must confirm the validity of an invitation and do their due diligence. If anyone receives a letter of invitation, please call the club to talk to the people in charge and confirm if the agent inviting you is part of the club's recruitment funnel. Also, go to the club's social media pages and share the information you have, inform them of your plans to join and ask when you will receive more news. Big clubs in Dubai do not do open trails and do not give you letters of invitation without meeting you. There are NO secret trials, and NO one gives unique letters of invitation. We receive requests for financial help from players who have traveled across countries after spending a lot of money only to realize that a scammer misused their passion for the game. These players then end up in Dubai, out of visa and out of money; and sadly out of hope too. It is heartbreaking to see the love for a beautiful game turn into an ugly scam, so please don't get swayed by false promises and verify everything before you hop on a flight or transfer any money.

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