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The Frustrating OUCH of an Injury! - Ali's Words

On Saturday, we played the last game of the season as the coach's team. It's been one of my favorite games for team building and the sheer fun of the game-but. I didn't last more than 15 minutes before a calf injury. I cannot begin to describe the frustrating feeling of getting muscular injuries while playing football. The reality is that it happens often, and there are many reasons for it - lack of sleep, lack of hydration, and lack of training & stretching.

It is the responsibility of every player to be fit and injury-free. Football is highly competitive, and there is a small thing that can affect the team, and there is nothing more frustrating to a coach than having the perfect set of 11 players and then finding out that they are injured. As a coach, we immediately care for a player and assist, but it is equally essential for a coach to educate players on how to avoid and handle injuries. I admire the players who use elastic bands and yoga to give them the extra advantage of flexibility because 90% of injuries are avoidable. Focus on only on tact and skill but also on sleep, hydration and fitness because your talent is not visible from the waiting areas; it deserves to be on the pitch.

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