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The Highlight Video - Ali's Words

A highlight video can make any player look good, which seems true since one can edit and showcase the "good bits". But everyone in football will tell you that the highlight video is only the first introduction and is not nearly as vital as observing a player on the field in front of you. At the same time, with players applying globally, the highlight videos are athletes' CVs. While some videos may exaggerate, there are an equal number that do not do justice to the player's talent. Here are a few points to keep in mind for the highlight videos:

Let the players talk and introduce themselves! There is a cover sheet with details, but the scouts and agents need to see the person they might work with later. It is an excellent opportunity to show the confidence and personality of a player in a short monologue and make a better impression.

Music (good) makes things better. A highlight video is aimed at conveying energy and impact; appropriate music can do that, but only when done correctly.

Edit with care. Players tend to edit all their action shots and individual kicks one after the other, which is not the best approach. The scouts need to see you play in a match, with a team, against a worthy opponent - not juggling a football by yourself.

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