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Trying too Hard at a Trial - Ali's Words

"Yesterday at a trial, I saw a striker with great physicality, an excellent touch of the ball, and an intelligent sense of the game, but he kept trying so hard. We noticed his approach and realized his focus was on the trial-not the game. During the break, I took him to a side and suggested that he should play his best match instead of trying to get a goal. The conversation lighted up his eyes—he was so glad to be noticed, but as a coach, I had to tell him that he stood out for the wrong reason.

It is confusing to be told that achieving a goal is not the ultimate aim of a trial! It is a tricky piece of advice; every player must play their best game, but when you are on a trial, we are not counting goals; we are looking for talent. The word "trial" perhaps makes the players think there is a judge and jury, but in reality, the only thing that matters is that the players do justice to the sport. A player trying too hard will not showcase the talent of a natural game, so next time you want to impress someone, be your best version, but don't try too hard."

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