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(UN) Professionals in Football - Ali's Words

Having been in the corporate world for a large chunk of my career, I expect the same level of accountability from people across all industries; sadly, football doesn't always measure up. Football, when played on the field with friends, is a sport, but when stadiums are booked and media rights are sold for billions, it is a business. A big issue is that most people in football are not businessmen; those who call the shots are not there because of their expertise, insights, or experience-simply because they have existed at the same place for so long that they are now part of the furniture. Sadly, this lack of a process-based, measured and measured approach to work is fueling unprofessionalism at the highest levels. I have had mind-boggling conversations where the lack of credentials of a person in authority amazed me with their confidence and cheek. When you see the people at the periphery, agents, and scouts that are desperate to make it take inspiration from the unprofessionals who have already made it, there is no solution in sight. I find the unprofessionalism in football to be ripe.

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