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Valuing a Player - Ali's Words

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

EPC has now reached a stage where it is ready to launch its players into the professional market. We are moving on to the next level and prepared to sell our players. This is an exciting time and at the same time crucial as well. The whole EPC venture is now focused on the ability to sell players as this will be pivotal for us as well as the young talents we have recruited, trained and prepared for professional football.

The most delicate matter is the pricing aspect and being fair. The key question is how you determine a player’s worth especially if the valuation is being decided for the first time. Us, 60 or 70% of our players are new ones, so we are very particular and cautious. There are many factors that come into play such as age, potential, achievements, the position the player plays at, and the form of the athlete. One needs to be very careful to put a fair market value. More than what they are estimated at, the market where you launch them is more important as it plays a decisive role in determining the future of aspiring players.

EPC is known in the industry as the nursery of players, where they are picked up, groomed, and prepared till they are ready to launch into the right club. The key, therefore, is to identify the appropriate market for them that can make them grow further as a player. We have identified 6 or 7 markets and countries where we will launch our young talents. This is the first tick of the box and we stand quite confident about the markets we have picked so far.

A second important aspect is identifying the clubs that can further develop the players. As an ex-coach and now a technical director this aspect is very important to me. I feel you need to put these talented players in the right hands so they can realize their full potential and perform their best. You need a platform where the players are mentally prepared and challenged for the professional game and where their weaknesses and strengths are worked on. If you put a player in the wrong club that can mean the end of a football career for the young athlete.

After ticking all the aspects and selecting the right club we can come to the money or valuation factor. For us, this is of little significance at this stage because we feel if you are headed in the right direction, money will eventually follow, if not in this club then perhaps with the next one. Our aim is to set up the athletes towards a brighter future and this means getting them onto the right platforms.

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