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We are Hiring! - Ali's Words

As we grow, we seek the support of male and female football coaches who will help elevate our Academy. Every time we start a recruitment campaign seeking new coaching staff, we encounter the same hurdles. More often than not, we receive hundreds of applications from all over the world—a lot of time, the reason is Dubai and the life it offers as much as it is for TFA and the love of coaching.

Coaches from clubs at a higher game level are not ideally suited to the younger players, and most coaches (not all, but a lot) from commercial academies don't always work well with the senior teams. We have seen a trend where many experienced coaches from established clubs come, coach, and go. That is NOT the kind of coaching we do, and that is NOT the kind of coaching we are looking for.

We seek someone with unmatched football knowledge and the quality of caring about the players. We seek individuals who can guide young players with learning, motivation, and empathy. We call our coaches "Relationship Managers" because they bond with each player and parent; this is a non-negotiable aspect of being a TFA coach.

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